Why Get A Coach?

If you’re reading this, you are hopefully curious about coaching or Gibsonstarr or both.

You could be curious about coaching for many different reasons. But perhaps you are in a period of change or transition. And maybe you suspect that what got you this far needs to be re-evaluated, developed, augmented for the next stage.

In a period of transition, you will probably have an aspiration, a longer term goal, a desire for change. You may be unclear about your options or which to choose. You may want to find your own way of leading but not be sure what it is. You may know your strengths but not how to maximise their impact nor how to manage their downside.


You may not know what to do with some feedback that you’ve had, or have little or no helpful feedback. You may struggle to embrace some of the key behaviours and habits of an effective leader.

Working with one of our coaches gives you the opportunity to sort through these challenges and more. It helps you stop and reflect. It gives space for you to be honest about what might hold you back. It provides time to rehearse and experiment. It enables you to find a clear way forward and pursue it.

Your coach is your collaborator in this endeavour. Together you focus on your agenda, your experience and aspiration. Your coach brings their skill, their insight and their ability clearly to speak the truth as they see it.

Coaching is a base-camp, a pit-stop, the practice and rehearsal before the performance. If you want to climb, re-fuel or perform, please get in touch.