How To Choose A Coach

There are a bewildering number and variety of coaches with a web presence. And they make many grand claims for what they could do for you.

If you know what you want and can find it despite the fog and the hype, that’s great. If – like many prospective clients – you struggle to choose a coach, here is our menu of questions that might help you. From what you see, hear and know about a coach:



Do you feel you would enjoy working with them?

Do you think you would trust them?

Do they seem to understand you and what you want?

Do you think they would challenge and stretch you?



Can they clearly describe the process or approach they use?

How will they help you identify what you want and need from coaching?

Do they have specific skills and experience relevant to your needs and wants?

How do they approach confidentiality?

Can they give specific examples of the outcomes and results of their work?

Do the arrangements for coaching (how, where, how long, when etc) fit your preferences and constraints?



What coaching qualifications do they have?

Are they able to provide testimonials?

How do they attend to their own development?

What arrangements do they have for supervision?