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Such an important thread 👇
Take action &:

🐄Boycott Brazilian products especially beef & soya
📨Write to your MEP's to block the Mercosur trade deal
🖊️Sign this petition & ask your MEP's & MP's to sign too
🛑Demand that @trussliz puts sanctions on Brazil

The UK has eradicated many orchards in recent decades, and now imports 70% of its apples. Planting more apple trees would cut food miles, soak up CO2, help wildlife, cheer up our landscapes, and allow us to enjoy and save traditional or rare apple varieties. Let's get planting 🍎

There was worldwide outcry when the Notre Dame cathedral was on fire. Why is there not the same level of outrage for the fires destroying the #AmazonRainforest?

I feel quite strongly that there must come a point when a close advisory referendum 3 years ago based on undeliverable lies, illegality+ electoral malpractice, can no longer justify the economic political+ social mayhem being caused. Why is no one saying this? #StopBrexit

I'm deeply concerned that reports state this fire has been happening for 2-3 weeks, but I first started to see it in the news yesterday.

The loss of the rainforest effects everyone on this planet. From species loss, to the loss of a system that absorbs enormous amounts of carbon

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