Our Approach

When you work with me and my colleagues, you will get a bespoke combination of what we know works well and innovations designed to meet your particular needs.

Whatever the mix, we always:

  • Start with a conversation to establish whether our expertise might help deliver the changes you want
  • Follow up with a fully-costed, outline proposal
  • Have another conversation to explore, fine-tune and agree whether and how to proceed
  • Offer a revised outline, with time-tabled events, critical paths and clear responsibilities on both our side and yours
  • Deliver a high-quality, engaging programme designed to create sustainable change for all participants
  • Review, evaluate, seek feedback, adjust and keep talking to you about how it is going throughout the programme.
  • Check in to help you judge the long-term impact of the programme
  • Keep in touch and offer short, focused master-classes or review sessions or webinars designed to further embed learning and change if need be.

This process will vary according to whether we are working with you as an individual leader, your team or a group of peers. But all our work reflects our hard-won understanding of what enables people to learn. It needs to:

  • Start from clear learning outcomes
  • Be fun
  • Be experiential
  • Engage mind, heart and body
  • Be practical
  • Reflect the best evidence and research we can find
  • Lead to clear actions and sustainable change

If this approach appeals to you, please start the process by getting in touch.

Our PrinciplesThese principles reflect both how we like to work and what we encourage in our clients.

Get focused…
…so that you work on the things that really matter,
unpack them and decide on action
Stay relaxed…
…because it helps you think, gain perspective
and build resilience
Be direct…
…because honest challenge generates awareness
and rich options for action
Keep it real…
…to ensure that the investment you make delivers change that sticks

Be creative…
…because leadership is not easy and it’s often necessary to go beyond the obvious
Stay open…
…because, without that, trust and creativity
don’t happen
Keep it simple…
…so that you create clarity and can exercise control over complex challenges
Be committed…
…because action, change and learning require application and effort