Uncovering Your Purpose

Many of you may have tried courses and coaching that focus on how to lead. That clearly matters. But why do you lead? I believe that matters more.

Having a clear purpose is a very practical asset. “Purpose” might sound a little indulgent, a bit ‘fluffy’, unconnected to the hard edge of delivery. But it helps you decide what to prioritise. It guides how you lead. And it’s a compass to help you find your way through difficult times and challenging issues.

A clear purpose is also an invitation to those you want to lead. It says “join me in making this happen”.

I’ll help you to uncover your purpose by drawing out what your experience tells you about  some core aspects of who you are:

  • Your values
  • Your strengths
  • What motivates you

In each case, I use a structured process to explore who you are, what you bring and what has enabled you to perform at your best. It is a deep, focused and concrete approach that you can then adapt and apply with your teams if you choose.

As a result, you uncover what difference you want to make and develop a deep understanding of what that means in practice. You also get a sense of how well you are currently living your purpose. You can then make well-founded decisions about your priorities, your future direction and your strategic goals. You can also communicate what you believe you are for.

This process works well with individuals, groups and teams. It benefits from having been tested with diverse people in a broad range of settings but is bespoke and responsive. You uncover your own purpose with my help.

If this interests you, get in touch and we can explore how we might work together.