The Team

Dr Stephen Burt

Stephen has worked as a coach, facilitator and speaker since 2002. Before that, he was a teacher, consultant, and Whitehall civil servant. He draws on all these perspectives to help others become more effective leaders. At the heart of this work is his experience that good listening makes a difference, and is increasingly challenging in fast-paced, multi-cultural organisations and teams. Stephen’s book, ‘The Art of Listening in Coaching and Mentoring’, will be published by Routledge on June 28 2019. He is currently developing his listening further through playing jazz guitar and performing improvised comedy.

David Trevaskis

David works as a coach, director and facilitator in a wide range of international settings. He worked in insurance and business development for ten years. He has been a professional facilitator and director for fourteen years and listening is the core of both. David combines his skills as a coach and director with his knowledge of the corporate world to offer powerful insights into the challenges of human interaction and how to overcome them.

Sarah Brammeier

An Executive Coach, Sarah has over a decade of experience designing and leading leadership programmes throughout Europe, the Middle East, North America & China. She focuses on how subtle changes in behaviour and mind-set can transform clients’ impact and effectiveness. Her unique mix of Transactional Analysis, government service and international law allows her to flex quickly to ensure learning happens. (She also likes to run, cycle and tries to play golf.)

Articles by Stephen Burt

  • Leadership Euphemism Bingo

    As 2019 recedes from our memories and the yawning chasm of 2020 opens up before us, it’s timely to reflect on the characteristics of the leaders we have met in the last year and begin to wonder about who we will encounter at the beginning of a new decade. Past experience suggests that much will

    January 13, 2020
  • Learning through doing – lessons from writing my first book.

    I believe that one of the things that you learn when you write a book is how to write a book; and how not to. Another thing that you learn is who you are as a writer. Finding your voice Sustained writing requires the writer to find their voice, to decide how they want to

    June 10, 2019
  • What’s in a name?

    When I tell people that I am doing a course in improvised comedy a common reaction is horror. Many say they would rather volunteer for a day in the dentist’s chair. There is some real fear around being put on the spot, performing in front of others and feeling required to be funny. So I

    April 16, 2019