Finding Your Voice

Stepping up to leadership is one of the most important and challenging transitions leaders can meet. I notice that a good part of the challenge for them is learning how to motivate and enrol those they lead.

Good leaders have an impact when they speak. They do this by speaking powerfully about what matters to them and why. The impact comes partly from the words a leader uses and the stories they tell. But people connect most strongly with those words and stories when the leader speaks from the heart with a strong, authentic presence.

I help people master this ability through creating a structured rehearsal space in which they practise, get incisive feedback and experiment.

If this appeals to you, we would work on:

  • Your strengths as a communicator and what might get in your way
  • The messages you want to get across
  • The stories you can tell to give life and energy to your message
  • How to choose your words to maximise your impact
  • How to harness the power of your voice
  • How you use your body to support your message and bring it alive
  • Finding your individual, signature style so that you can speak authentically

My approach is bespoke, dynamic and impactful, tested in a wide range of settings with both individuals and groups. I often involve other members of the team to bring their unique blend of insights to help our clients find their voice. If you would like to explore what this might mean for you, please get in touch.