Our Approach

People seek the help of a coach usually because they aspire to grow and be more effective. And they understand that they cannot achieve this goal on their own.

Often what is needed is greater clarity, broader thinking, skill development, breaking behavioural habits or tackling the emotional barriers to making progress. How we work reflects these different levels of challenge.

We agree goals and keep checking on progress against them, speak directly and encourage clients to do the same, focus on what’s real, and try to find simplicity in the inevitable complexity.

We encourage openness and creativity in order to test thinking habits, find new options for action and identify any emotional barriers to change.

We offer direct, honest feedback on what we notice, and look to create a safe, relaxed space in which new or stronger skills and behaviour can be tried out. That often means that even the most challenging issues are accompanied by lightness and humour.

We draw flexibly on a range of coaching frameworks and leadership insights. We particularly value Gestalt and Cognitive-Behavioural approaches because of the way they put self-awareness, practice and experimentation at the heart of personal change.

We are absolutely committed to our clients and we do whatever we can to meet their needs. And if a client is equally committed, their potential success is unbounded.

We know that working in this way enables clients to achieve their goals and sustain the change they need.

If you feel coaching might benefit you or your organisation, please get in touch.